Wildlife a treasure

He has previously worked at Endangered Wildlife Trust on a project which involved the banking of biomaterials from wildlife species for biodiversity conservation. He has authored and co-authored more than 40 peer-review research publications.

Wildlife a treasure

So thinking about wildlife means referring to animals that have not been domesticated or tamed and are usually living in a natural environment, including both game and nongame species. For examples, deer, tarantula, fox, ant, elephant, gorilla… and so on, Wildlife a treasure all part of the wildlife.

But this means that even microorganism, vegetation and fungi are part of the ecological system. All of these are interconnected and so the most important lesson we can, and we have to learn is: But, when wildlife is important for human beings? There are many different reasons to assert the importance of wildlife in human life: Firstly, their natural pray zebras, gazelles… would increase in number, due to the absence of their principal predator.

This raise in number would lead to a reduction of vegetable food, not just for the excess animal, but for all other herbivores elephants, buffalos, giraffes, warthog, rhinos…. The absence of vegetable supply would kill all the herbivorous, and this would conduct to the death of carnivorous, too.

In few years, the general and natural biodiversity would rapidly decrease, until reaching the total decease of all animals of that area. This reasoning can be developed not just for lions, but for all animals across the world.

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Secondly, wildlife has an undeniable economic value: Fauna, instead, play an important role for tourism: If attractive wild animals such as lions, elephants, rhinos or giraffes died, who would go to poor places, such as Sub-Saharan inner cities? Thirdly, wildlife has an aesthetic value to human beings and it is part of their cultural assets… Animals have always had a privileged position in the human history and consequently in the history of art: Wildlife is actually and heritage of all humanity and as such it must be safeguarded and protected.

Due to the interconnection between the ecological sphere, all animals need to be defended, from fish to birds to mammals. This protection is not just for the future generations of humans, that deserve to live in a world not disfigured by the current greed, but above all for all the animals themselves.

Because they are the only one that understood that they are on the Earth for just the time of their life, while the Earth will remain here, for many more millennium. OIPA has been fighting for wildlife since the beginning of its work, and over the year it began to specialize in the various sectors to ensure a greater impact.

Anyway, it continues to regard the wildlife as a total that must be protected.Wow!

Wildlife a treasure

This butterfly is beautiful. We don’t have many flying around here. There is a butterfly world where we can go see the various butterflies.

Tampa bay nuisance wildlife removal and control animal trapping.

Click on any animal below to go directly to that page. Similar to a stuffed animal, but better because they are so realistic and lifelike!

Wildlife a treasure

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Email us your Special Requests Or call us at: But for over three decades, wild animals along the Treasure Coast have enjoyed a special place of respite, care, and recovery.

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A place where broken wings can heal, orphaned babies can grow, and untamed spirits can soar. That special place is the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center. WILDLIFE, what a treasure! Welcome! BEAUTY and CHARM of Wildlife are here the key words, hopefully those feelings will get to you!

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