How hrm contributes to the achievement


How hrm contributes to the achievement

Investigate how Human Resource Management contributes to the Achievement of Organizational objectives: Human Resource Management functions have a variety of main activities e. Human Resource management is based in the well-organized utilization of employees in achieving two major objectives within an organization and other type of organizations.

The first objective is to effectively make use of the talents and abilities of the employees to get the operational objectives that are the key plan of the organization. Along with understanding the objectives of the organization, Human Resource management also look for to make sure that the individual employee is satisfied with both the working environment, the reward and benefits that they receives.

ScottishPower Human Resource Director. People are one of the main resources used by organization. HRM is disturbed by organising and looking after people in the work place.

On a day by day basis this is include recruitment, training, selection and improvement and assessment of staff performance. An important element of Human Resource Management is workforce arrangement. This is putting the right people in the right place at the right time.

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It also involves recognizing the how many people needed to enable the business to drive at fully efficiency. These people require having the right capability to do the job.

Development boosts the skills of the existing workforce. The energy industry is changing fast which means it is very important to recruit and train people with the right skill to carry out new jobs.

This is mostly important in the increasing renewable energy industry.

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Managing employees involves balancing between their goals and aspirations with those of the company. By getting employees to make things happen in a productive way, HR ensures that the business prospers.
How Does HR Fulfill Organizational Goals and Objectives? | By jacin21 13th Feb I totally agree with the answer of mjstanger on retaining talented employees, because if the employees will really feel that they are an asset to your company and that their performance is well appreciated, they will feel motivated and will continue to enhance their job performance in order to impress their supervisors.

ScottishPower plans to provide a positive recruitment and selection experience for all the employees and potential employees. ScottishPower is dedicated to equal opportunities for everyone regardless of reasons such as race, sex, age and disability. There are two of the mostly important of these are at the Modern Apprenticeship Programmes and Graduate Programme.

How hrm contributes to the achievement

Since the s recruitment activities for bigger organizations frequently takes place online. Also specific vacancies may be advertised in the local or national newspapers, University appointment boards, online, job centres and recruitment fairs.

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The ScottishPower online website presents a means of detail about the organization and careers. It provides applicants to download job description and application forms for Apprenticeships Programmes and Graduate Programme. In both cases applicants have to meet minimum requirements of qualifications and experience.

Recruitment and talent management. Graduate programme takes two year and people are interesting in business and engineering qualifications. Candidates required to be able to demonstrate in their application form their motivation and capability to carry out the job.

All candidates who meet Scottish Power requirements are requested to have a one day session at an assessment.resource practitioners to follow who wish to contribute to the achievement of their organization’s sustainability and business aspirations, thereby improving .

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The HRM deals with the training and development of the employees. So whenever there are problems or changes the employees can be ready to face it with the company since they are well trained. Also, if there are new information or trend, the HR can facilitate the training so that the company will not be left behind and will have success.

human resource management is “the process of linking the human resource function with the strategic objectives The results of these studies have thus confirmed the dependency of an organizational achievement on the caliber of its employees and how effectively the companies manage the human resource practices to influence positive .

Human resource management (HRM) is the process of linking the human resource functions with the strategic objectives of the organization in order to improve performance.

We may call in the way that human resource management holds the central live blood role in any organization. The HRM department can monitor the company's code of conduct so that all of the employees can abide with it. In this case, the employees can also be monitored if they are still on the right track on achieving the company's goals.

How Human Resource Management contributes to the achievement of organisational goals Human resource management can be regarded as a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organisation's most valued assets- the people who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business (Armstrong, ).