Hologram essay

In other words, Smith is now known both as the founder of economics, and as an ideologue for the political Right.

Hologram essay

Toss a pebble in a pond -see the ripples? Now drop two pebbles close together. Look at what happens when the two sets of waves combine -you get a new wave! When a crest and a trough meet, they cancel out and the water goes flat. When two crests meet, they produce one, bigger crest.

When two troughs collide, they make a single, deeper trough. But what do waves in a pond have to do with those amazing three- dimensional pictures? How do waves make a hologram look like the real thing? It all starts with light. And much like the ripples in a pond, light travels in waves.

When you look at, say, an apple, what you really see are the waves of light reflected from it. Your two eyes each see a slightly different view of the apple. Your brain processes this information so that you see the apple, and the rest of the world, in 3-D.

You can look around objects, too -if the apple is blocking the view of an orange behind it, you can just move your head to one side. The apple seems to "move" out of the way so you can see the orange or even the back of the apple. If that seems a bit obvious, just try looking behind something in a regular photograph!

That means laser light waves are uniform and in step. When two laser beams intersect, like two sets of ripples meeting in a pond, they produce a single new wave pattern: Light coming from a laser is split into two beams, called the object beam and the reference beam.

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Spread by lenses and bounced off a mirror, the object beam hits the apple. Light waves reflect from the apple towards a photographic film. The reference beam heads straight to the film without hitting the apple.

The two sets of waves meet and create a new wave pattern that hits the film and exposes it. But shine the laser reference beam through the film once more and the pattern of swirls bends the light to re- create the original reflection waves from the apple -exactly. Not all holograms work this way -some use plastics instead of photographic film, others are visible in normal light.

But all holograms are created with lasers -and new waves.

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Gabor coined the name for his photographic technique from holos and gramma, Greek for "the whole message. A perfect holographic portrait of the late scientist looking up from his desk with a smile could go on fooling viewers into saying hello forever. Actor Laurence Olivier has also achieved that kind of immortality -a hologram of the 80 year-old can be seen these days on the stage in London, in a musical called Time.

Hologram essay

New Waves When it comes to looking at the future uses of holography, pictures are anything but the whole picture. Here are just a couple of the more unusual possibilities.

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How can this be? A new invention that incorporates holograms into widow glazings makes it possible. Holograms can bend light to create complex 3- D images, but they can also simply redirect light rays. The window glaze holograms could focus sunlight coming through a window into a narrow beam, funnel it into an air duct with reflective walls above the ceiling and send it down the hall to your windowless cubbyhole.

That could cut lighting costs and conserve energy. The holograms could even guide sunlight into the gloomy gaps between city skyscrapers and since they can bend light of different colors in different directions, they could be used to filter out the hot infrared light rays that stream through your car windows to bake you on summer days.

Or, how about holding an entire library in the palm of your hand? Holography makes it theoretically possible.The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health 5th Edition an integrated approach for cancer and other diseases by Nenah Sylver, PhD.

For example, rainbow hologram is a wildly used technology on credit cards and currencies. Traditional hologram needs laser to reconstruct, but rainbow hologram only needs the white light, like sunshine. A hologram appears to be an indefinable pattern of whorls and stripes, but, once shone on by a coherent light such as by a laser beam, it configures the light into a three-dimensional image of the primary object (Hannes & Michael, ).

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Essay on Technology - The Use of Holograms as a Teaching Tool - The Use of Holograms as a Teaching Tool "Wake up honey, you are going to be late for school if you don't hurry!" my mom shouted from the kitchen.

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