Hamlet journal

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Hamlet journal

Journal Entries for Hamlet For each scene in Hamlet, you will be assigned at least one journal entry. Additional assignments will be included in this journal. You are responsible for keeping up with the reading and responses even if Hamlet journal are absent.

One observation from AP readers is that students seem unable to wrestle with complex texts.

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I am not so sure that the ability is lacking. Rather, I think it is the desire or the Hamlet journal to read hard texts and think deeply about them that is sometimes missing.

It does require discipline to train yourself to read complex texts, but it's so worth it, not only for the AP tests, but also for college and beyond. Lazy thinking is said to give you mud for brains. Use these assignments as exercises in compressing any brain mud into diamonds.

Answer the prompts thoroughly. Write enough to demonstrate your deep, thoughtful engagement with the text. Write legibly or type responses. Be prepared to read your response in class as called to do so.

You will lose points if you are unable to read a response when called on. Yes, you will read your response, not just wing one on the fly. In other words, you have to bring them to class to be able to read them. Bring all of them to class each day; we may or may not discuss each one.

Hamlet journals will be collected eventually. These points are a major part of the unit's grade. Entries and points are subject to change as the unit progresses. Bolded terms in entry prompts can be found on your Glossary of Literary Terms packet, and they are likely to appear on future tests, possibly on the AP test, too.

What mood is established in the scene? What do we discover about Denmark in the scene? Find and list the other five pairs of opposites. Next, reorder the convoluted syntax in the king's sentence above. Record the subject, the complete predicate, and the direct object of the main clause, ignoring all the phrases.

What is the basic message? Discuss the intent behind Claudius's lengthy and confusing periodic sentence. What do the new king's words tell us about Claudius and about the situation in Denmark? What effect is Claudius trying to create with these contrasts?

Consider both the connotation and the denotation, or direct meaning, of the king's words. What tone is exhibited by Polonius's diction in his words to his daughter below?

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What does he reveal about the kind of father he is? How do Polonius' words to Ophelia characterize Polonius?Prince Hamlet is the title role and protagonist of William Shakespeare's c. tragedy rutadeltambor.com is the Prince of Denmark, nephew to the usurping Claudius, and son of King Hamlet, the previous King of rutadeltambor.com the beginning of the play, he struggles with whether, and how, to avenge the murder of his father, and struggles with his own .

Socialization is the process by which individuals internalize the mores and norms of the society they live in. It is through this process that the established social order is perpetuated. When individuals fail to accept the beliefs of society as their.

John Gielgud Directs Richard Burton in Hamlet: A Journal of Rehearsals [Richard L Sterne] on rutadeltambor.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Hamlet journal

John Gielgud Directs Richard Burton in Hamlet: A Journal of Rehearsals [hardcover] Sterne, Richard L . INTRODUCTION The enigmatic qualities of Shakespeare’s Prince Hamlet make this drama an appropriate choice for high school students who can evaluate and analyze the complexity of Hamlet’s situation, his motivations, and the choices and decisions he.

Hamlet Reader Response Journals There are several possibilities for your Hamlet reader response journals. Please keep in mind that I grade on. Hamlet (tagged articles) Polysemic Language, Democratization, and the Empowerment of the Body Politic in Shakespeare's Hamlet Hayley E.

Tartell - In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Prince Hamlet’s polysemic language raises the theme of empowerment of the body politic and, ultimately, the notion of .

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