Explain the range of ways to use person centred thinking planning and reviews in own role with indiv

Person-centred is about providing care and support that is centred or focused on the individual and their needs. We are all individual and just because two people might have the same medical condition, e. To work in a person centred way you have to develop a clear understanding about the individuals you are supporting.

Explain the range of ways to use person centred thinking planning and reviews in own role with indiv

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Person-centred planning is when you have to reflect on their capabilities and what support they may require now and in the future so that they can play an active part in their community.

So services should be delivered in a way the person chooses not them being slotted into gaps to suit others. It helps them to understand the kind of support they may require to enable them to stay health and safe. During time it helps them to know if things have to change in any aspects of their live so that they can still continue as before with minimal interference.

Explain the range of ways to use person centred thinking planning and reviews in own role with indiv

By reflecting on what they do and say, you can help them to full fill their ambitions. Describe the key features of different styles of person-centred planning and the contexts in which they are most useful — 1.

The person at the centre — Having meeting involving the person, so the person gets a better life on their own terms. Support them to express what they want and what their needs are to help encourage independence not let others decide for them.

Focus more on what an individual can do rather than what they cannot do. They bring with them a fountain of knowledge and commitment and energy. They also want their family member to be respected, safe and cared for. The plan reflects on what is important to the person, their capabilities and what support they require.

A shared understanding — rethinking of the professional role — The professionals are no longer in charge of what a person wants or how to run their lives, instead it is the person themselves and those who care for them taking the lead in what is important.

The plan results in actions that are about life. Not just services and reflect on what is possible and not just available — This opens up the way people think and what they can do from the small things to assist in day to day life, to bigger things that can help the person have a better live.

It has gone from where people were slotted in according to their disability to a better way of life were they have more say in what they want and where they would like to live. The plan results in ongoing listening, learning and further action — Person-centred planning should not be a one of event.

It has taught us that everyone has a future regardless of any disabilities.

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It is about listening and learning and finding solutions to help people and ensure they have the kind of life they would like to live not being labelled and put into boxes and forgot about.

This is to make sure that staff, have the proper training. The manager should monitor and review things regularly. Outcome 3 Understand own role in person-centred planning 1 explain the range of ways to use person-centred thinking, planning and reviews in own role with individuals — It is about finding out what is important to the person and helping them to turn their choices into reality.

By listening and working with the person and their families in partnership to help this happen.

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It is part of your role to support the person to make their own choices and to ensure that these choices are heard and recorded to form the basis of their care plan.The use of portable video equipment for producing location and small-studio nonbroadcast presentations and the planning and management of industrial video facilities.

The production context is emphasized with special attention given to public-access cable, corporate and institutional uses of video. 3 Understand own role in person-centred planning Own role: personal expectations; expectations of others; 3 Understand own role in person-centred planning Explain the range of ways to use person-centred thinking, planning and reviews in own role: –.

Can any help with this please? Describe your own role in person centred thinking and planning and reviews when supporting individuals. Of the four papers reviewed in-depth, two were realist reviews, one was a protocol for a realist review, and another focussed on describing rapid realist reviews (i.e.

a realist approach to. Describe How Active Participation Benefits An Individual. Print Reference this.

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Disclaimer: rather than providing a more person-centred social work support, whilst. a cynical view of encouraging people to find their own ways of participating in the.

In this study the use of the Repertory Grid in the study of teachers' thinking is re-examined, applying it to the analysis of the personal constructs of teachers themselves regarding the characteristics of teachers with different levels of experience.

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