Essay disabled differently abled

This phrase is used because it supposedly humanizes disabled people by focusing on our abilities rather than on our impairments. Those who prefer the phrase "differently abled" often see the terms "disabled" or "disability" as potentially hurtful or offensive.

Essay disabled differently abled

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Various facilities given by the Indian Disability Act of The human rights enjoyed by the disabled, through this Act. The disabled should be included into the society. Disabilities affect people in different ways.

Unfortunately, this kind of stereotyping is itself a form of discrimination. People with a disability come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, sex and cultures just as we all do. The only thing that separates a person with a disability is that, for one reason or another, they are unable to do certain things in the same way as the mainstream of society.

They may require some form of adaptation or alteration to assist them to overcome the effect of their disability. Neurological disability results in the loss of some bodily or mental functions.

However, when we thinks of names like Einstein, Helen Keller, Stephen Hawking, Sudha Chandran, Arunima Sinha, Rajendra Singh Rahelu and many more, one realises that these are not just disabled people, they are, in fact, people with very special abilities.

The census shows that the population of disabled people has increased by As per the census, a significant population with disabilities in India lives in the rural areas.

Essay disabled differently abled

In rural areas, people with disabilities are ostracised and denied to be included in the society. They are denied basic education or vocational training and thus do not have any scope of employment.

Lack of rehabilitation turns them poverty-stricken and the disabled people in the rural areas are therefore caught up in a vicious cycle of disability and poverty. Things may not be as bad in the urban area, but there are cases where the disabled are harassed and discriminated.

Unlike in foreign countries, buildings in India do not cater for the requirements of special architecture for the disabled. It is as though the society has become visually impaired, turning a blind eye towards them. The Act has been enacted under Article of the Constitution.

The facilities are Children with disabilities have the right to free education until they reach the age of eighteen in schools that are integrated or in special schools. Children with disabilities have the right to appropriate transportation, removal of architectural barriers, as well as the restructuring of curriculum and modifications in the examination system.

Essay disabled differently abled

Scholarships, uniforms, books and teaching materials are all provided to children with disabilities for free. Children with disabilities have access to special schools that are equipped with vocational training facilities and non-formal education.

India provides training institutions for teachers in order to establish manpower. Parents of children with disabilities in the nation can move to an appropriate court for the redress of grievances in regards to their children with disabilities. Three-percent of all government jobs in the country are reserved for people with disabilities and the Disability Act includes affirmative action for people with disabilities.

Human Rights are universal. Even differently-abled persons are entitled to the realisation of all human rights and fundamental freedoms on equal terms with others in society, without discrimination of any kind. They also enjoy certain human rights specifically linked to their status.

The human rights of differently-abled persons include the following indivisible, interdependent and inter-related human rights The human right to freedom from any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on the status of differently-abled.

The human right to freedom from discrimination in access to housing, education, social services, health care or employment. The human right to active participation in all aspects of social, economic, political and cultural life of society. The human right to full equality before the law and equal protection of the law.

The human right to the highest attainable standard of health, to medical, psychological and functional treatment, including prosthetic and orthotic appliances, to medical and social rehabilitation and other services necessary for the maximum development of capabilities, skills and self-reliance.Disabled or differently abled essay writer.

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NEW DELHI: To mark World Disability Day, Chennai-based non-government organisation Nandini Voice for the Deprived has announced an all-India essay competition for differently-abled persons across.

Essay On Differently Abled People problems China faces is the education problem.

Comparing with the large number of disabled population, there are quite few educational institutions for them. Disabled or differently abled essays Disabled or differently abled essays. November 18, On laziness essay analysis words let it go poem analysis essay.

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Essay On Differently Abled People problems China faces is the education problem. Comparing with the large number of disabled population, there are quite few educational institutions for them.

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