Effects of air pollution in delhi

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Effects of air pollution in delhi

Effects on Human Health The vehicular pollutants have damaging effects on both human health and ecology.

Effects of Air Pollution in Delhi - Research Paper Example

The human health effects of air pollution vary in the degree of severity, covering a range of minor effects to serious illness, as well as premature death in certain cases.

These pollutants are believed to directly affect the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. In particular, high levels of Sulphurdioxide and Suspended Particulate Matter are associated with increased mortality, morbidity and impaired pulmonary function.

Pollutant Effect on Human Health Carbon Monoxide Affects the cardio vascular system, exacerbating cardiovascular disease symptoms, particularly angina; may also particularly affect fetuses, sick, anemic and young children, affects nervous system impairing physical coordination, vision and judgments, creating nausea and headaches, reducing productivity and increasing personal discomfort.

Effects of air pollution in delhi

Nitrogen Oxides Increased susceptibility to infections, pulmonary diseases, impairment of lung function and eye, nose and throat irritations. Sulphur Dioxide Affect lung function adversely.

Particulate Matter and Respirable Particulate Matter SPM and RPM Fine particulate matter may be toxic in itself or may carry toxic including carcinogenic trace substance, and can alter the immune system.

Fine particulates penetrate deep into the respiratory system irritating lung tissue and causing long-term disorders. Impairs liver and kidney, causes brain damage in children resulting in lower I. Benzene Both toxic and carcinogenic.

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Excessive incidence of leukemia blood cancer in high exposure areas.Underlying causes of Delhi’s air pollution problems Date: (attributed to the effects of pollution) draws outside polluted air into the city centre, whilst windy, dusty conditions during.

Delhi air pollution: What are its harmful effects on health, and how to cope with it The air pollution in Delhi can cause several ailments, ranging from premature birth to a decrease in lung immunity.

Jul 14,  · Nearly 15, people died prematurely in Delhi due to pollution by fine particulate matter in , according to a new study which ranked the national capital third in a list of cities reporting Author: PTI.

The Effects Of Air Pollution On The World Words | 6 Pages. Environmental Pollution Environmental pollution is a very serious problem in American and the world.

Delhi's air pollution is causing a health crisis. So, what can be done? The air is already having long-term effects on children in the Indian capital, million of whom already have. Effects of Air Pollution in Delhi Air supplies us with oxygen which is essential for our bodies to live.

Air is 9% nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and inert gases.

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