Crystal report custom paper size c switch

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Crystal report custom paper size c switch

Due to this printer dependency, when reports are deployed to other computers, the print and view may not be as expected. Understanding the concepts covered in this series of documents will help you achieve consistent printing and viewing output when deploying reports to different environments.

Basics — Before Designing a Report Crystal Reports relies on printer drivers to render the report view, export and print.

Therefore the initial consideration is not Crystal Reports. Rather, it is the printer driver that will be used when the report is being designed and the printing requirement when the report is deployed to other systems.

The printer driver defines the report design pane; paper size, paper orientation, paper name and page margins. Additionally the report queries the printer driver for each of the font elements font metricssuch as average character height, character width, height of the ascenders and descenders etc.

Printer drivers used on deployed systems may lead to output inconsistencies — when viewed, when exported and when printed.

Inconsistencies due to printer drivers Inconsistencies viewing, exporting and printing may occur if the printer driver on the deployed system is different than the printer driver used to create the report.

These inconsistencies are a result of the various methods that individual printer drivers use to measure text metrics such as font size.

When printed, text-based objects may be misaligned, truncated, overprint each other and so on. Examples of text-based objects include string or character fields, text objects, memo fields, numeric fields, and formula fields. Problems such as these may arise when you have: Two identical printers, but each one is using a different printer driver.

Two different printers using the same printer driver. Two different printers using different printer drivers. One printer driver that uses the TrueType font and a second printer driver that maps TrueType fonts to PostScript fonts.

Two identical printers using the same printer driver, but each one is printing from a different version of Microsoft Windows. Two identical printers using the same printer driver, but the printer drivers are different versions.

Two identical printers, two identical printer drivers, and two identical operating systems, but the resolution of the video drivers is different.

crystal report custom paper size c switch

First step to resolving the above noted issues is to ensure that the installed printer driver is updated with the most recent patches and that it is designed for the Operating System.

It is the responsibility of the report author to design reports that accommodate printer driver dependencies and still print consistently using different printer drivers.

To do this, Crystal Reports provides several design solutions. If taken into account when creating the report. For more information on disabling a printer driver, see No Printer optimize for screen.

The Crystal Reports Page Setup Dialog This dialog box appears when you choose the Page Setup command from the File menu and for our example looks as in the following screen shot. Thus looking at the Page Setup dialog in the Crystal Reports designer, we see the following: This is a critical piece of information as changing printer drivers may lead to, at minimum incorrect print out and at worst an apparent data loss.

Using the above printer driver the report design pane will look as in the following screen shot: Rather it is 8. The same is the case for the paper length Vertical dimension.

Originally, the paper name was Letter 8. Additionally the paper size has changed from 8. The Crystal Reports available paper size design conditions in this case can be seen in the Page Setup dialog: The option should be selected to format reports for web viewing as different printer drivers may render the report objects into different sizes, positions and so on.

When the option is selected the report will not get associated with any printer. The report engine will format the report using the settings from the report or the settings provided from the code if using one of the Crystal reports Solution Developer Kits.

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