An argument in favor of bilingual education in the united states

Picture of the Day China Daily, an English-language newspaper published in Beijing, recently reported that more than million Chinese are studying English. Because English is the official language of 63 countries. More than 80 percent of all technological information is published in English and it is the language of almost all software source codes.

An argument in favor of bilingual education in the united states

In fact, some of it could be due to "de facto" bilingual education, the superior education in the primary language that more advantaged children tend to have.

An article appearing in the Los Angeles Times on January 13, added to the confusion.

An argument in favor of bilingual education in the united states

The article itself was reasonably well balanced. Interviews were conducted in the Los Angeles Unified School District, and the Times reporter concluded that children were picking up "verbal English at a surprising rate" but also reported that there were concerns that children were falling behind in their studies; many teachers were questioning "whether most of the youngsters have acquired the language skills necessary to comprehend math, reading or history lessons in English.

Other teachers said that they had to "water down" core subjects. This report was not a true evaluation. It was based on only 13 interviews and no test scores or any other kind of statistics were reported.

Further, the Times reporter did not point out that children typically pick up conversational English with any kind of program, even with no special help: The challenge is to help them develop what Cummins calls "academic language," the language of school.

Nevertheless, the headline of the article proclaimed: Unfortunately, these are not isolated examples of sloppy reporting see Krashen, for more examples. Glenn also presents an inappropriate comparison: There are a lot of problem with this comparison, as we document elsewhere Krashen and Crawford, First, it appears that the groups compared may be quite different: Clearly, Delaware has a lower percentage of LEP Hispanic students, which suggests that the groups differ in other important ways.

Second, we may actually be comparing bilingual education with bilingual education. Even though bilingual education is officially banned in Delaware, this ban is not enforced see Crawford,p.

There appears to be plenty of bilingual education in Delaware. Third, we have no description at all of what kind of bilingual education was done in either state. Finally, Hispanics in Massachusetts actually scored higher than Hispanics in Delaware on the NAEP reading exam, both in toa small difference, not "notable," as Glenn points out and a larger difference, to Glenn notes that the gap between Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites was larger in Massachusetts than in Delaware.

This was true inbut not in In the difference between non-Hispanic whites and Hispanics was larger in Delaware than in Massachusetts. The California version was this: Bilingual education has failed because " The figure referred to is the percentage of limited English proficient children who are reclassified as English proficient each year.

An argument in favor of bilingual education in the united states

The precise percentage was 6. To be reclassified means to reach a high enough level of English literacy to be considered fully English proficient. Calling this a "failure rate" is inaccurate and misleading. The six percent figure does not represent the success of bilingual education.

The California figure was based on all limited English children in California, not just those in bilingual education. This is, in other words, a study with no clear experimental group and no clear control group. It is counter to all scientific practice. It also needs to be pointed out that reclassification is not easy to do: Many limited English proficient students are doing challenging academic study in English well before official reclassification.

Is bilingual education responsible for dropouts?

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The circumstantial argument is this: Hispanic students have a large dropout rate.´╗┐English October 22, Bilingual Education The United States is a diverse country of many different races and languages.

Even though many languages are spoken in the United States, English is the preferred language in the United States. Dr. Rosalie Porter has served on the front lines of the battle over bilingual education for nearly 30 years.

The history of bilingual education in the United States has shifted between tolerance and repression depending on politics, the economy, and the size of the immigrant population. Today, in the United States, a majority of students in our schools are students of color. But only 18% of our teachers are teachers of color. We have to do more . Bilingual Education Essay Examples. An Introduction to the Importance of Bilingual Education in the United States. 1, words. 6, words. 15 pages. A Debate About Whether Bilingual Education Is Helping or Hurting. words. 1 page. An Argument in Favor of Bilingual Education in the United States. 1, words. 4 pages.

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Bilingual education has long been offered by the United States to its immigrant populations. In the late s, Ohio began offering English classes for German immigrant students.


The very first instance of bilingual education in the United States occurred with Polish studies supporting bilingual education tend to have poor methodologies and that there is little empirical support in favor of it.

While medium to big sized cities are likely to have several bilingual schools, bilingual education remains an exception. Merits of Bilingual Education Divide the Education Community By Joseph Palmisano | September 4, The United States has long had a .

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