Agram bagram

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Agram bagram

History[ edit ] The airport at Bagram was originally built in the s, during the Cold Warat a time when the United States and neighboring Soviet Union were busy spreading influence in Afghanistan.

During the s Soviet—Afghan Warit played a key role, serving as a base of operations for troops and supplies.

Aircraft based at Bagram, including the th Assault Aviation Regiment flying Susprovided close air support for Soviet and Afghan troops in the field. Following the withdrawal of the Soviet forces and the rise of the Western-funded and Pakistani-trained [7] mujahideen rebels, Afghanistan plunged into civil war.

Control of the base was contested from onward between the Northern Alliance and Talibanoften with each controlling territory on opposing ends of the base.

Taliban forces were consistently within artillery and mortar range of the field, denying full possession of the strategic facility to the Northern Alliance.

Press reports indicated that at times a Northern Alliance general was using the bombed-out control tower as an observation post and as a location to brief journalists, with his headquarters nearby.

Inthe Taliban took over control and forced the Northern Alliance to retreat further to the north. As of mid-December more than US troops, mainly with the 10th Mountain Division, were providing force protection at Bagram.

The troops patrolled the base perimeter, guarded the front gate, and cleared the runway of explosive ordnance. As of early January the number of 10th Mountain Division troops had grown to about soldiers. There are numerous dining facilities at Bagram Airfield. Troops and civilians have various dining options that include Pizza HutSubwayan Afghan restaurant, as well as Green Beans coffee shops.

As of late Januarythere were somewhere around 4, US troops in Afghanistan, of which about 3, were at Kandahar International Airportand about were stationed at Bagram.

The runway began to be repaired by US, Italian and Polish military personnel. By mid-JuneBagram Airfield was serving as home to more than 7, US and other armed services. Numerous tent areas house the troops based there, including one named Viper City.

It was reported that "Bagram came under daily rocket attack" in even though most of these attacks went unreported by the press. There were several hundred, with plans to build close to of them.

The plans were to have nearly 1, structures built bybut completion of the project was expected much earlier; possibly by July The increased construction fell under US Central Command standards of temporary housing and allowed for the building of B-huts on base, not to show permanence, but to raise the standard for troops serving here.

The wooden structures have no concrete foundation thus not considered permanent housing, just an upgrade from the tents, the only option Bagram personnel and troops had seen previously. The small homes offer troops protection from environmental conditions including wind, snow, sand and cold.

Due to the height and snow storms commercial aircraft have difficulty landing there, and older aircraft often rely on very experienced crews in order to be able to land there. The base was able to house 10, troops in According to the article: It houses about 3, inmates, mostly insurgents who are fighting against Afghanistan and NATO -led forces.

In Marchthe U. Eight reported sexual assaults occurred at the base in involving Airmen; the U. The report revealed that most victims knew their attacker. The attack occurred inside one of the security gates surrounding the heavily guarded base.

Yousef Ahmadione of the Taliban spokesmen, claimed responsibility for the attack and said that Cheney was the intended target.

Agram bagram

Another Taliban spokesman later confirmed that Osama Bin Laden planned the attack, and reiterated that Cheney was the intended target. This claim is supported by the relatively limited number of large suicide bombings carried out in Afghanistan, combined with the intensity of this particular attack, and the fact that Cheney was at the base.Dil Parosi Ho gaya Eid Special HUM TV Drama Full Episode Dil Parosi Ho gaya Eid Special HUM TV Drama Full Episode Agram Bagram 1st Day Eid Special HUM TV Drama Full Episode.

views Agrram Bagrram 2nd Day Eid Special HUM TV Drama Full Episode. views. ARCHIVE: U.S. Launches Attack who identified himself as Agram.

"People are celebrating." Among the crowds of people fleeing along New Kabul Road from the Bagram area to Charikar was year. Crash of Boeing in Afghanistan caused by shifting cargo The Dubai-bound Boeing plane crashed just after takeoff from Bagram airbase on 29 April , killing six crew members.

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